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Crooked Creek Ventures

Equine Therapy has gone main stream.  Professional athletes receive pre and post performance care, and your equine athletes deserve no less.  Working in harmony with your equine medical provider, Crooked Creek Ventures offers the opportunity to ensure your athletes perform at the optimal level of excellence.

We offer rehabilitation and maintainance therapy programs.  Contact us for more information.

 K-9 Photonic therapy also offered.

How do I know if my horse could benefit from Equine Therapy?

Every horse that is born can benefit from equine therapy!!  Repetitive motion/stress injuries are the most common complaint that we see.  Stop and think about it, the repetitive hard stop of the reining horse, the constant strain on the hocks of the cutter, the repeated pull on the left shoulder of the heading horse, or the jerk on the heeling or calf horse. 

Does your barrel horse run up the wall, or not want to turn or rate/slow at the barrel?  Does your dressage horse not have the same easy smooth gait and upward forward motion that he once had?  Is your hunter jumper refusing you?  Think about the abnormal body position and movement we ask of our western pleasure horses, or the over extension of the loin of the race horse. 

Is your horse cranky/ribby when you saddle him?  Does he not like to have his ears touched(head shy)?  What about when you brush him, is he flinchy along his ribs, or over the loin? 

How about when you ride him?  Is he stiff to one side, or not want to pick up his leads?  Does he fight the bit or ring his tail when asked to move out or over? These are all signs that your horse is hurting.  

Equine athlete's  are under physical stress every time we place a saddle on their back and climb on board.  Just like human athletes their muscles get tight and sore, their bone structure can become misaligned, and their energy meridians can become either depleted or over energized. 

At Crooked Creek Ventures we strive to balance the entire horse, structural, muscular,emotionally and energetically.

It is also important to make sure your horses feet are properly balanced and healthy.  You've heard the saying, 'no hoof, no horse.'  That is truth at its best.  Few, if any horses need shoes, and it is imperative for horses who do need shoes on, to have a 'break' from them.  Proper alignment starts from the ground up.

And please see your veterinarian regularly to have your horses teeth properly maintained.  It is common for the TMJ (tempromadibular joint) to cause the entire body into misalignment.  Starting with the atlas and axis(pole), which in turn affect the hindquarters, causing compensation and over use of the forequarters.

At Crooked Creek Ventures we believe in Natural Balance Trimming. 

Proper care and maintainance will help your horses feet to stay healthy and strong, preventing laminitis and navicular problems for many years.


Crooked Creek Ventures
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