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Crooked Creek Ventures

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find some of the most commonly asked questions on this page, hopefully you will find at least some of the answers you are looking for here!

Do you have puppies available?
- if you check our puppy page, you can see when our next litters will be available.

What do your puppies cost?
- Puppies are priced at $2300 +GST for pets and $2800 +gst for show/breed quality
Shipping costs are extra

Why are your dogs so expensive?
- Swissy's are a rare breed, they can often be difficult to breed and also not whelp easily on their own, most often requiring a c-section.  To replace a breeding quality swissy is a long term investment and an expensive one as well.  Not all breeding dogs will pass their health clearances or gain their Championship.  As a breeder I will never finacially recoup my expenses.

How do I get on your waiting list?
- in order to be considered for a Crooked Creek Swissy, you must fill out a puppy application form.  If I don't have your information, I can't contact you.  If you don't bother to fill out a form and answer my questions, I assume you are a 'tire kicker'.  After filling out the application it is a great idea to contact me by phone.  The better I get to know you the better your chances of a puppy placement.

I'm on your waiting list but you never contacted me?
- there are only so many puppies born in a year at Crooked Creek and unfortunately I have more applications than puppies available.  Filling out an application does not guarantee you will receiving a puppy.  Sometimes a Swissy isn't the right fit.

Do you have a guarantee?
- all puppies from Crooked Creek come with a 2 year guarantee, a purchase contract, 2 sets of shots/deworming, and will be microchipped.  As well, each puppy will have CKC papers and their own information booklet.  The booklet includes pictures and pedigrees of both parents, their health clearances and titles, along with basic Swissy information to help new owners with their puppy.

What if I can't keep my Swissy?
- any puppy purchased from Crooked Creek is welcome to be returned at any time - no questions asked.  We stand behind our dogs 100%.

Crooked Creek Ventures
P.O. Box 984
Magrath, Alberta T0K 1J0
Phone/Fax: 403-752-6001

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